Finally: Immersion journalism and multimedia combine

Ian Fisher, his family, friends, and the U.S. Army allowed Denver Post reporters and a photographer to follow them throughout the entirety of his 27 months in the Army – from recruitment to return home – documenting how a soldier is made.  And the result is everything I hoped it would be:

Ian Fisher – American Soldier

Photo credit: Craig F. Walker

Photographs.  Videos.  In-depth story.  And extras that let the viewer to delve even deeper into Ian’s story than the 63 page article, 10 videos, and endless number of photos already allow.

My favorite part? The fact that they used an interactive magazine layout for the story section. The reader literally flips through the pages of the story, where captivating photographs meet even more captivating words. While this is not the first interactive magazine to hit the web (see FLYP Media), it is by far the best and most creative combination of multimedia and immersion journalism that have come across so far.

No matter how much I boast about this multimedia extravaganza, the best thing I can possibly do is pass on the link and let you experience it for yourself. So:

Look, read, watch, and feel the power of emotion and intrigue that such dedicated journalism can create.

This is everything (and more) that I have been craving from new media journalist. Good work, Denver Post. Good work.


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